An Abbreviated Memoir

Pamela Adams was born on January 19, 1950, in Sterling, Illinois, fifteen minutes from where Ronald Reagan grew up and played football. He had left his hometown for Hollywood by the time she appeared on the scene, so they never met. That’s okay, because she would grow up to be a staunch Democrat.

She was the sixth of seven children who were born over a span of twenty years. The last two were proclaimed “mistakes” by her parents. Her father was a “devout” Catholic who believed birth control was a sin, and her mother paid the ultimate price for that belief.

James Henry and Pauline Margaret Adams had six daughters and one son. The five created on purpose were Barbara, Dick, Karen, Linda, and Marietta–named after the character in the movie “Naughty Marietta. The boy, Dick–his given name was James Richard– claimed that living in a house with six female siblings made him crazy. His antics both while growing up and as a young adult left little doubt that this was a true statement.

Life at the Adams house was seldom pleasant or comfortable for a variety of reasons. But why be one of the thousands of writers who feel the need to share those grimy details? Pretty much the same story, different address, different characters.

Fast forward sixty-three years and Pamela is a woman who has been married twice to two very different but equally charming and good men, raised three children, worked as a journalist and editor, and now finds herself at the edge of that place the world calls retirement.

Past works include three young adult science fiction novels, based on a game created by Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax, a biography written on commission about a chiropractic visionary, hundreds of news stories, an equally large number of two different newspaper columns–one humorous, the other following the criminal justice system, and a stint as an editor for Amazing Stories Science Fiction Magazine.

Future plans do not include the use of a rocking chair. Pamela has committed to learning as much as she can about the art of writing and reading poetry, working on a couple of novels started a few years ago, blogging, social networking, and long walks with her husband and their “puppy”–a German shepherd rhodesian ridgeback who does not take kindly to strangers. Add to that some traveling, sightseeing, growing her vintage jewelry collection, creating edible joy, reading mass volumes of fiction and non, attending as many symphonies, plays, lectures, and musicals as possible, and working on Mohan Manor, an aging 70s-style home with, as the realtor said, “a whole lot of potential.”

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