I know. I am unfashionably late to this party. Dinner is over, dishes are cleared, and the dance floor is crammed full of guests emoting every which way. But, hey! At least I showed up. And if I have to dance alone, on the sidelines for a while, so be it.

This internet place of my own is designed to fulfill a need to write out loud. I miss talking to the masses. I miss my career as a newspaper columnist and criminal court news reporter. I loved sharing stories and adventures with people I didn’t even know. So I decided to create my own writing space to do just that.

This site will carry various blogs, poems, recipes, and all sorts of things I hope to develop as I go along. Like its author, this is a work in progress.

For starters:
The blogs. Yes, plural. I have had three ideas floating around in my head for some time and, being totally clueless as to which I want to spotlight, decided to include all three.

Dancing through Retirement
My weekly journal, “Dancing through Retirement,” will be about two married people of a certain age attempting to carve out a new life after ending gainful employment. Knowing these two people as well as I do, it’s bound to be anything but boring.

Legal Eavesdropping
This is my blatant reporting of some of the (insert whatever adjective you’d like) things people do and say out in public. Hey! I did not ask for you to share your phone conversation with me, Dude, and I certainly cannot help but overhear it when you are talking loudly a few feet away. Be forewarned, although names will not be sought or used, anyone within a few public feet of me is fair game. I am starting with one I posted on Facebook in 2010. These reports of hilarious and sometimes troubling displays of (insert whatever adjective you’d like) will be true stories. Really. I watch Anderson Cooper, so I know all about keeping it honest.

Celebrity Chef Impersonator
Once a month I will offer some morsels for foodies called “Celebrity Chef Impersonator.” This will be me, channeling a person of culinary fame and presenting one of his or her edible masterpieces while pretending to be them. Recipes, including ingredients, instructions, and photos of the imposter will be included.

I currently am working with a poetry advisor, Ann Bachelor Hursey. My goal is to cram as much knowledge of poetry through reading and writing during a year of studying with a master poet. I will post some finished pieces of my efforts on a page designed just for poetry. The first is titled “Overheard at Copper Creek.” It was written on a boulder at Copper Creek near the base of Mt. Rainier in October 2012.

So again, welcome, enjoy, and feel free to post comments about any of the writing you see here. And by the way, I give internet hugs upon request.